Doing Your Homework. Finding Product Market Fit in User Research

Product Market Fit Starts with research

Product Marketing — Product Market Fit & User Research

2020 forced a lot of business to go back to the drawing board.

Background Research to Understand Your Market

Exploratory research will give you insight as to whether you should launch a new product or rethink your original idea. This type of research is beneficial when you’re first finding product-market fit, but also when you want to further understand the gaps in your market as you plan new product feature releases.

Don’t rush to product launch — drill down on who your product serves

Clearly Defined Target Audience

Companies without well-developed buyer personas in place before your product launch often run blunt campaigns that target broadly and return little ROI. The macros are time, resources are lost and little commercial return yielded.

Define your target buyers to hit the product market fit bullseye

Identify Your Value Props and Write Crystal-Clear Messaging

B2B Product Marketing is dependent on clearly communicating how the product solves real business challenges — pain points.If you succeed in identifying the customer pain points of the people in your market you’ve got a chance at finding product market fit. I recently scrolled across this quote and it came to mind when typing this article.

What are you key benefits to the user — start from a blank slate and use data to explore this
Your messaging needs to be crystal clear


In 2020 many learned the hard way, you can’t have product-market fit without first getting message-market fit.

Key takeaway message

The one-liner you use to describe your product should allow your target audience to immediately understand the gist of what you do. It could be the problem that you’re solving in THEIR lives or a solution that they’re likely to be looking for. Either way, it needs to resonate, get them curious and asking you questions to learn more.

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