As marketers, we need to read the market and always be ready to adjust.

In the first year of go to market strategy a tactical marketing plan should outline the marketing mix to succeed in a new market or with a new customer. It should be simple and appropriately considered for the size of the team.

Generally, in year one the marketing function is small and under resourced. To support this it is important to provide a static state on which the marketing lead can deliver.

Go-to-market planning is often overlooked

Planning Stage


Before you can decide what specific marketing strategies you want to implement to…

Six easily digestible SaaS hacks. The methods are simple and straightforward. I hope they give you some food for thought if you’re in the SaaS Startup space.

I hope this bite sized article has gives you some food for thought. Often finding a new a way of thinking about the obvious can give the all important 1% change that can spike a the next growth phase for a Startup.

1. Your product doesn’t sell itself

SaaS doesn’t sell itself. Having a great SaaS product is just the first step out of many to creating a successful startup. If you want to sell SaaS successfully, stop selling…


SaaStock 2019

As I sat in the RDS in Nov 2019 waiting for Des Traynor of Intercom to take the main stage I noticed a sense of anticipation in the masses.

As I saw surrounded by PMMs, PMs, CEOs, CMOS, CS leads and Sales leaders my mind drifted to something I heard Traynor speak about in the past – milkshakes.

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What do they hire you for

As the light show sparked to life and the Intercom logo darted across the jumbo screens Traynor took to the mic.

As the crowd settled again and the dry ice dissipated Traynor touched on something I had heard him mention on a…

Product Market Fit Starts with research

Product Marketing — Product Market Fit & User Research

2020 forced a lot of business to go back to the drawing board.

Companies have been trying to double down on lead generation or pull in new business. From afar it makes sense when you consider everyone is just trying to mitigate loss and keep cashflow up. However, for a lot of industries during Covid, chasing down new business is a tall order.

Finding product-market fit is the first, most difficult, and time heavy challenge a new product will experience in the marketplace. …

Daniel is a Senior Marketing Professional working in the SaaS B2B industry. Based in Ireland. Passionate about Sport, Product Marketing and Remote Work


Growth Marketing — A Birds Eye View in 2021

Growth Marketing is bridging the gap between sales and marketing units

Question: What is growth marketing?

Growth marketers focus on the entire customer lifecycle, from the moment they touch the awareness stage too long after they make a purchase. And it’s the focus on retaining customers and generating referrals that separates growth marketing from other disciplines and makes it so attractive in the current global climate.

Consistent lead acquisition will impact bottom line. …

In this article, I’ll explain some of the key SaaS marketing tactics you should consider putting in place if you haven’t already. Not only will you be able to better market your SaaS offering but you’ll also be able to help customers understand your value above that of your competition.

1. Intangibility

So how do you get customers excited about something they can’t see or touch?

A free sample in a retail chain, an aftershave tester in your local pharmacy or a test drive in a new car. Are you seeing a trend yet? …


Marketing for SME’s is certainly not without its challenges. Issues like limited resource, time restraints, budget & lack of structure can often mean that marketing gets drafted to the ‘to do’ list.

In 2020 more and more SME’s will look to take marketing from the shelf & roll out a robust strategy. Sure, maintaining profitability & attracting new business are often cited as years target but without structured marketing planning these often float in a perennial limbo state known to most SMEs as ‘the next quarter’.

Here are: 6 Marketing Tips to Kick Start Your Small business in 2020


Daniel Murray

Daniel is a Senior Marketing Professional working in the SaaS B2B industry. Based in Ireland. Passionate about Sport, Marketing, and Remote Work.

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