SaaS Hacks. 6 Easy to implement in 100 Seconds

Six easily digestible SaaS hacks. The methods are simple and straightforward. I hope they give you some food for thought if you’re in the SaaS Startup space.

I hope this bite sized article has gives you some food for thought. Often finding a new a way of thinking about the obvious can give the all important 1% change that can spike a the next growth phase for a Startup.

1. Your product doesn’t sell itself

2. Create your ideal customer profile for B2B SaaS leads

An ideal customer profile is a description of an organization (company, government agency, non-profit organization, etc.) which gets significant value from using your product/service and also provides significant value to your company.

It’s a simple concept. Yet, many startups struggle to hit their sales goals because they don’t know who to sell to. This is how you create an ideal customer profile to attract high-quality sales leads. To get even more customers

3. Growth Hacking Works for SaaS Companies

At its core, growth hacking may look very similar to traditional marketing, but they each have very different sets of goals. Marketers focus on building awareness and driving people to purchase a product or service; growth hackers are only focused on growth and will find creative, innovative, and budget-conscious “hacks” to achieve it.

In order to be truly effective at growth hacking, it’s important to always provide value to your prospective customers (rather than strictly promoting your product) and keep the inbound methodology in mind.

Growwithward break down Growth hacking in this useful write up.

4. Don’t leave your comfort zone. Just extend it.

Rather than “Leaving your comfort zone” I suggest to try hard to grow your very own comfort zone until the weak spots are covered.

Cliche but it still counts.

5. Measure it.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” — Lord Kelvin

Hubspot have identified 11 SaaS metrics you need to know.

6. SaaS in a nutshell

The 3 Keys to Success in SaaS:

1) Acquiring Customers

2) Retaining Customers

3) Monetizing Customers

If you have 5 minutes check out this useful pieces on SaaS metrics by forentrepreneurs

A small change is often the catalyst for the next phase of growth

Final Thoughts

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